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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the requirements to work for the U.S Postal Service?

1. Must be 18 years of age (exception: 17 years of age with High School Diploma)
2. United States Citizen or Green Card Holder
3. High School Diploma or G.E.D Equivalent
4. Pass Drug Screening

What is USPS Employment Assistance?

USPS Employment Assistance is the office responsible for providing potential Postal Service employees with the preparation materials and tools needed to move forward and actually obtain a position with USPS.

Are we your local post office?

No, we are not the branch around the corner from your home. We are simply here to guide you through the first step in the process, which is to take and pass the required 473 Exam, leading to an interview and employment.

Where will I be working?

You are generally placed at one of the local branches that is within a 25 mile radius of your home.

What are entry level positions?

Window Clerk, Mail-Carrier, Rural-Carrier, Mail Processor, and Mail Handler

What are secondary positions?

Management, Marketing, Sales, Mechanics, Electricians, Class A,B CDL Drivers
These positions require a degree, license, or certification and a specialized exam for that field as well

Do you conduct the hiring process?

No, we help you prepare for the 473 Exam and help you get set up for interviews

So how does the hiring process work?

First you register with your E-Career, prepare, and schedule an exam.
If you pass, wait to move forward to your interview, generally hired on first interview.

How long does it take to receive my exam score?

Via email One hour after completing 473-Exam

What happens if I fail the exam?

You can retake the exam 4 months for the date you failed

What is a passing score?


What is the highest score possible?

100 for civilians 110 for Military Vets with honorable discharge

Why does my score matter, as long as I pass?

Not talked about much, but let us tell you. There is a waiting list full of names in everyone's testing area who have barely the exam with scores between 70 the cut off and the high to mid 80's. These scores may be valid, but are certainly not impressive. So for the next two years you do have the option of waiting patiently for a call back for an interview.. In most cases you will not be contacted. Best advice, after you wait for the first full year, just reschedule yourself for another exam, just like someone who had failed the exam.

Do military Veterans receive additional points?

Yes, they receive 5 to 10 additional points based on their discharge.

Does the post office only hire Military Veterans?

No, the vast majority of U.S.P.S employees are not ex-military

What if you have a felony on your record?

It depends on the nature of the felony. In most cases 7 years from the date of the incident is used a deciding factor. There are many individuals with a checkered past who have moved on to become successful employees for USPS..

Can you guarantee me a position?

No, we cannot. We cannot make you prepare and pass the exam. Nor can we make any one show up on time to their interviews or conduct themselves in a professional manner. All of which will certainly assist you in obtaining the position you require in any case.

What is the exam all about?

There are 4 sections, each with a set time for completion
1. Memory 
2. Address Comparison 
3. Zip-Coding
4. Form Completion 

How long does the whole process take?

That's completely up to you. Once you get everything you need and prepare, submitting your e-career and taking the exam is based on when you chose to schedule to do so. The USPS will mail your score and based on your results, interviewing will vary. Those who score highest are interviewed first. You can go forward as soon as you like or take as much time as needed. There are no requirements in moving forward.

Can't I just get some materials from my local postal branch?

Yes, but unfortunately you will only be receiving a brief 32 page overview of how the process works, along with 6 example questions of what's to be expected on the exam. Hardly enough to succeed.
The average "take it on your own" score being a 53, should encourage you to invest in yourself
Again, always know and completely understand, the choice is yours.

Why shouldn't I just buy a book from my local book store?

First, book stores do not offer full refunds, we do!
Second, our customer service department is always available to answer your questions and to make sure you receive necessary details, to put you in the best position to succeed.
Third, book stores sell books, more importantly old books, not knowing the structure of the exam changes every four months. If you buy one, how would you know is was accurate?
We are one of only two companies who provide actual up to date preparation materials..

Why should I study?

To be interviewed and hired first as a direct result of high exam scores.

What is the 473-Postal Battery Exam?

In 2003 a complete change took place when it came to the hiring process, the civil service exam was eliminated and the 473 Postal Battery Exam was created. The civil service exam, often referred to as a basic skills exam, merely showed a potential employees mid to high school level understanding. The 473 Exam shows that you have a knowledge of what's to be expected while working in a professional Postal Service environment. The more you know the less they need to train.

What do I receive in my preparation and strategies packet?

200+ page study materials providing a complete overview from the post office(history) to examples to study by of all 4 sections of the 473 Exam along with 4 practice exams and answer keys. Everything you need to move forward.

What if I don't speak English well?

The 473 postal battery exam is only conducted in English and no assistance can be given from friends or family in order to complete the exam.

How will I receive my downloadable Preparation Material?

Product downloads are only available to registered customers, you will receive a download link in your email confirmation after registering with us for support. The link will be active immediately and 2 copies have been provided just in case you forget to save the initial version. If for some reason your download is interrupted, contact customer service to receive a new link.