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4 Options to Apply for Postal Service Positions

1. Use our services receiving study materials, live support and your refund
2. Go forward on your own ( use pamphlet usps provides)
3. Go forward on your own and buy a book from a bookstore (non-refundable)
4. Use your local library for old materials (473-Exam is updated every 3 months)

10 Step Process

1. Study and Prepare for the required 473 Exam
2. Complete your eCareer listing on usps
3. Take and Pass Personality Characteristic Questionnaire
4. Receive confirmation of entry
5. Receive date, time and location for your schedule exam
6. Take 473 Exam at registered testing site
7. Receive score from exam
8. Receive interview date and time (based on exam score...must not only pass,but score high)
9. Attend interview
10. Receive position based on interview

Helpful Tips

* Write down your ID and Password when creating your eCareer Profile
* Study the 4 sections and take a practice test, repeat this step once a week
* Do NOT apply for a position before preparing for the exam
* Make sure you time yourself, just as the exam is conducted

** There is no fee for the required 473-Postal Battery Exam **

See FAQ Section for more information and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Process